Sunday, October 14, 2012

hellooooo fall!

Hi :)

Winter, Spring, Summer or Faaaaalll.... 

I love fall. It is my faaaaaaaaavorite season! The past few years, in IL. its pretty much gone from frickin hot summer to super cold winter with no sign of fall but maybe 2 days. So far this fall has been pretty awesome! Its been cold... well, chilly...  The leaves and most everywhere I go right now just look so beautiful and I am really loving the weather! I keep hearing people say they have their heat on already. psh. No Way. It was waaaay too hot and miserable this summer to be putting my heater on already. It's not been THAT cold. The coldest morning I've experienced so far was Thursday- it was colddddddd and damp. I thought about turning my heat on that morning, but I didn't.... I did buy furnace filters though.. Just in case lol.

Any plans for Halloween? Not for me. I think I am going to sit inside and not do ANYTHING! Since I have started School and then work I have 0 free days. The only days I have off work are the days I go to school. Oy. After two years of sitting at home looking for a job and mostly doing nothing- it is nice. I really don't mind going to work- hell its nice to be making money again! woo woo woo. This Tuesday ( 10/16/12 ) is my last food safety class. I can not wait!!!! I hope I pass the test for the certificate but to be honest, at this point I really don't even care! Food is gross. bah. Don't get me wrong I love food, but the things involved in cooking and food safety... icky.. Anyways, Wed. 10/31 my teacher told us that we don't have to come for class so that week I am going to take my days off and veg out. I was supposed to have a Friday off a few weeks ago, and I was going to make pasta sauce with my mom, but I ended up getting called into work so we haven't. I have this coming Friday off so we finally are! I am so excited! Yay!! I will take pictures and stuff!

At my work we use gloves, and it gets really moist in the gloves and my nail polish really only lasts a few days now. Like two before I have to repaint them- and yes I still am painting my nails! I have 2 cute pictures to share and both times after I did them I thought "Oh damn, I should have taken step by step pictures." I really suck sometimes. My camera on my phone lately has been stinky and I don't know why. Hubby started his own blog and is looking at cheap nice cameras to get so we can both be able to take pictures! The one he showed me today was a camera and a video! Neato! Here are two of my cutest nail designs I've had since my last blog post!

 I used Wet n' Wild- Wild Shine "Dreamy Poppy" for the pink base. Wet n' Wild- Fast Dry "Sage in the City" for the green part. Wet n' Wild- Wild Shine "Black Creme" for the seeds and LA colors glitter.

 I used Wet n' Wild Chrome "I got a new com-pewter" for the green Frankenstein skin. Wet n' Wild- Wild Shine "Red Red" for the cuts and Wet n' Wild- Wild Shine "Black Creme" for the black parts. and LA colors white for the eyes.

Did I tell you about the little crochet Mario Mushrooms I made for my friends son for his birthday? Oh.... That's right.... I didn't.... Cuz I really suck.... I did think about it a few times as I was crocheting them! I'll tell you about them now. My friends son's birthday was last month and his theme was Mario. Well, I didn't have a lot of extra money and I was like.... Do they even make stuff for Mario anymore? So Hubby was like you should crochet him something and at first I was hesitant but he looked up for me this pattern. Oh! It was so easy and I was like omg he will love these! I edited the pattern a little bit and I made him two. A red one and a green one! I wish I would have taken a picture of him with them. I wanted to make like 500 more. The pattern is really easy to read and the mushrooms stitch up real quick. I am currently in the process of making some for my hubby!

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, September 15, 2012



Holy cow! Things have been really really busy for me lately. I started school at the end of August, I got a job shortly after that ( yayyyy!!! ) It's so nice to be working again. I am working at the deli at the local grocery store, and although  I don't eat meat, and it is really really hard for to be all around that meat but I really couldn't afford to turn the job down for one, and in the end, it is their choice, body, health and conscience. I can educate but I cannot make the choice or force anyone. But I am hoping that since my school has started, that sometime soon maybe they would let me work in the bakery! THAT would be wicked awesome. Anyways. Besides having to be around meat all day, I actually really like my job. And its only part time sooo its not too bad. I only work so far like 3 days a week, but I am hoping to work more and see if maybe I could get another job somewhere else for the days I don't work and maybe just have off Tues, and Wed since I have school. That would be totally neat!

My Grandma moved to Arizona. I miss her so much. I know it is what she wanted, but I don't know if she was ready for it just yet. It could be just me who isnt ready. Its hard to talk on the phone still, I still cry. I hate crying. I hope to visit soon, or she can visit here soon. That would be nice :D

I made a facebook page. I actually made it a while ago but I keep forgetting to share it. I am not currently sure how to like add it as an icon or something so for now if you are interested in liking my page. Please click here and maybe at like 50 likes I could do a sweet give away or something. I probly will post pictures and stuff on there, funny stuff I find. It would be a lot more active!

I'm currently working on a purse and I haven't had much time to work on it, I am gonna do that I will post pictures here AND on facebook - more as I progress on fb and on here I will post the finished product.

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hi :)

My thoughts and Prayers are with those who are dealing with the Hurricane. May you all be safe and out of harms way! Please help each other! If you see someone or something that needs help, please help them.

Last week I started College. It has been liiiiike oh.. I dunno... we'll say 7 years since I graduated High School, been in any kind of school even! I've wanted to go to school for the past 3 years, I have applied for fafsa, looked into classes, done everything. Except register, and actually go to School.. I am only going on Tues. & Wed. - so part time because I didn't want to overload myself and then make myself not want to go ever again. ( Can I just tell you, that the people who work at the School that I am going to.... Not the brightest crayons in the box... VERY FRUSTRATING! That does not help. >:0 ) I am going for Culinary Management/Patisserie. I am so excited! This is the biggest step towards our goals! Also the scariest! Well except for when we actually move. But I think this might even be more scary.. for me. I've moved before, I've also gone to School before but not School for something that I will be doing and loving for the rest of my life. Winning. Last Wed. was my first day. I cried all day. I was so nervous. When I walked into the College I was like 'Oh yea this is awesome. I am so gonna rock this. I got this!' Not. I walked to the wrong class first, then I walked into another class that I thought was mines, I sat for a few minutes and I thought to myself.. 'These people don't even have the same books I do' So I asked and I was in the wrong class. I did make it to the right class in time. Wasn't late on my first day! That is all that really matters right? Well, also the fact that I didn't have one of my books, I had gone to the School book store 3 times, and like I said... The people who work there. They are 0 help. So I really didn't want to go back and deal with it.. But I didn't have time to run to the Half Price Book Store ( also, haven't been there? GO! ). We didn't need it the first day. Hubby is running to the book store tonite to get the book for me. Tomorrow starts my 2nd class, so I will be at the School from 4pm to 945pm! That's so long. But there's about an hour break between the 2 classes. So, time to do homework and I'll have to remember to bring a book or some crochet to do.

I joined a book club. Well, actually. My online friends and I started a book club. I am pretty excited! I really love to read, and sometimes I need a little kick in the butt to do it, or to broaden my horizons! If you are interested in it, check out the blog. I think we will be doing it blog based with a voting system. If you are interested in joining  I will have to let you know how to get in on that. We just started it 2 days ago! Here is the link to the site. Check it out! It will be so much fun!

Do you watch Breaking Bad? Oh man. This show is good!! I am catching up on Sundays episode right now as I type this. Holy Cow. I think if you don't watch this show, you really should give it a shot! I really love Bryan Cranston as Walter White. I didn't like the show Malcolm in the Middle, and I really thought that was all he was in until he came to this show. But he has been in A-LOT of stuff. He is in How I Met Your Mother! He wants to build the penis building. Anyways. I like him, and I like Breaking Bad! Have you seen Ugly Betty? I never watched it but someone told me I need to give it a try... I didn't think that I would like it but I kind of loved it. I was really sad when it was over. waa.. I would like it if they would bring it back or at least made a movie or something. They kind of ended it dum.

That's all for now. sorry for a kinda all over the place! Have a great week. Please be safe everyone! Love one another! <3


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Life is Short

Life is short. Today I said goodbye to a friend forever.. It was really very hard. One of the hardest things I think that I have ever had to do. In my 26 years on this planet I have only ever been to 4 wakes and 2 funerals. One for someone who overdosed when I was in high school, and at that time it was not a great friend I was more going for moral support and 2 were for my pretty much grandparents. I loved them and they were hard to deal with but they were old and they lived full super happy lives. Today I said goodbye to someone who was only 2 years older than me. He fought cancer for 2 1/2 years. He was a great man. He of all people did not deserve to go this way, and of anyone who I could think of beating cancer, it would have been Matt. I am lucky to be able to know such a wonderful man. RIP Matt! Love you gonna miss you ! Cancer sucks.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Shark Week!

Hi there! Do you know what this week is?  SHARK WEEK! OMFG I LOVE SHARK WEEK! Its almost like a Holiday in this house. I have been so excited about it, I even painted my nails for Shark Week! AND I took lots of pictures so that I could share the tutorial with you all! yayyy!

First, I wanted to tell you about a pretty neat little 'event' of sorts from Zoya Nail Polish. If you click on this link and sign up ( for free ) it will give you a voucher for a free Zoya Polish, and if you add 2 more polishes the shipping is free. The shipping regularly is like 7$, So its like the cost of the nail polish to ship, but if you have the money to buy the other 2 I think its totally a deal. Hubby said I might be able to buy some this weekend. But I think I saw on the webite it was good until April or something. I think I will have to go look again because I really love these polishes and their practices ! I got a few Zoya colors from the Copious thing. At least one of them should be coming today. I walked to the mail box in the rain with my dog I was so excited, only to see the mail hasn't ran yet. WHY OH WHY MAIL DO YOU WAIT SO LONG TO COME TO ME! Everyone I know gets their mail at like 11 in the morning. I don't get mines till like 5- hubby laughed when I texted him to tell him, He said 'lol babe the mail doesn't come till like 430-5 now' WHAT?!! Ridiculous.

Ok.. So, onto the tutorial. Are you as excited as I am ?

First choose your colors- I chose Essie-Beach bum blu for the nice blue to be the ocean water, Sinful Colors-slate ( This would have been better mixed maybe with a little bit of silver or a little less dark grey ) for the shark body and fins, LA Colors-white for the teeths and the eyeballs. ( LA Colors is also a cruelty free brand and I got this at the Dollar Tree by my house! ), Zoya- Gia for the red, bloood part, and OPI- gone gonzo for the glitter over the blue!  You will also need some blue painters tape and a pen  (you can also use a nail polish pen thingie but I could only find one at Walgreen and it was 9$. No thanks), to draw the shark and fin, and scissors to cut the drawings- remember to have the tape larger than your nail for easy peel off.

First, paint your nails your blue base color. Let it dry well.

Then you will draw on your painters tape. ( I am not a great drawer so my shark is kind of demented, but I think for free hand its pretty good!! ) I only did my left hand since it would be way too hard to do both hands.

Now take the grey color and paint, let dry pretty good and remove the tape.

 I painted my middle finger nail with splotches of red to look like blood! Making sure that my grey color is dry, I put some white dots on the grey open mouth part to look like teeth. My pointer finger is supposed to be a shark comming up from water with its mouth open but it didn't work out as well as I would have liked.

 Let everything dry really well, take the blue glitter and paint over the blue parts you want to sparkle like water! Let dry, and you are so done. And you have a wicked awesome Shark Week Manicure!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! I would love to see yours if you followed my tutorial! You can email yours to me at and I will post them on here! Thank you so much for reading! Have a happy Shark Week!!

Ps. That bright, pretty crochet in the back is the bag that I am working on! :DD 


Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy August!

Hello Friends!! Happy August!

Really quick before I forget I want to let you know that is having another 10$ credit giveaway. So that means, you get 10$ free when you sign up using this link, and then another 10$ credit using this link ( avaliable until August 11 @ 11L59 PST. Once you claim it, you will have 5 days to use it ) . So that's 20$ free! Well, you will have to pay 1 penny. But still!!!! that is pretty sweet! So go take advantage of it. They have lots of stuff- fashion, jewelery, shoes, nail polishes, all kinds of stuff!!

So last week I went to take the dog outside and there was a package on my door stop, ooh I wasn't expecting anything. Guess what it was? It was the correct colors of the red heart yarns for my blanket !! Yay I am so happy! So once it cools down I can finally finish that baby! It is going to be so gorgeous! I am currently working on making myself a bag/purse. I cant wait for it to be done! I probly will be finishing it up soon. Its an easy project. I need a easy project, I have  been trying to work on some mittens and I can not seem to get the pattern! I will get it though, I have a super awesome idea in my head and if I could get it right, Christmas presents this year are going to be aweeeesomeeee!

Yesterday on facebook I saw that there is a Saved by the bell edition wet n wild nail polish. Holy cow. I NEED THEM! I used to love watching Saved By The Bell!! The colors are so very 90's and bright and gorgeous. Love them.

Fall weather has been here lately. Like mid 70's and really nice. I could get use to this! I hope it stays. We got a pretty great rain yesterday! I had to spend the whole morning and after noon down at the college ( oh hey did I tell you that I am now registered for classes to being being a pastry chef! sooo excited! ) By the time I got home I was exhausted, I figured by the time I got home that the rain would be done, but it rained and it even thundered while I took a 5 hour nap. I usually really hate taking naps, they make me super cranky and give me a headache but this one I took yesterday was truely amazing.

I want to share with you a tutorial of sorts. I painted my nails and I did kind of a jawbreaker/marbley effect and I really thought it was super cool. Its not super fully equipped with tons of pictures but I will explain the best I can! ok? Sounds good. Here it goes. :D Please forgive me if its messy, it is my first tutorial of any kind.

First I chose my colors, I chose kinda funky bright colors, but you can choose whatever colors you think would look nice. I used the small tiny little brissle brush. I took the white and used it for my base coat. Let it dry good Then take the color you want drop a drop or 2 on some paper, put the small paint brush on it and plop it around on your nails, no specific pattern or way- whichever your heart desires! Wipe your brush and let this color dry, when its dry repeat with the other colors. When your done, of course add glitter. bahahaha >:D

I hope you enjoy. Thanks for coming! Next time I try a tutorial I will take more pictures!


Friday, July 27, 2012

When life gives you lemons... punch life in the dick!


First I wanted to share with you my new favorite quote ever in life. Someone on my facebook came up with it and it cracked me up!
    "When life gives you lemons, you turn around and punch life in the dick for being an asshole."

I wanted to write a quick update, I'm bored and I should probly clean or something instead of sit on the computer but when I'm bored, cleaning is really the last thing in life that I want to do. But it would be more fun that sitting here refreshing facebook right? lol.

Have you tried the the Sam Adams- Porch Rocker? It's new I guess. Might be a limited edition, I know they have all sorts of season-ey flavors of beer.... I'm not huge on thick beer but hubby loves Sam Adams, we stopped at the liquor store last weekend because he really really wanted to try this beer ( I had no idea what he was talking about I was just agreeing ) oh man. I am so glad HE knew about it because seriously, some of the most awesome beer I have ever had! Its beer mixed with lemonade, it's not very thick and its really easy to drink. I could probly drink a few beer of it! Usually one is all I can have cuz it just kind of grosses me out- the thickness. yumm I think I might just go drink the last one right now. bahaha.

I had to lighten the picture it was horribly dark! 
 I've been really super obsessed with nail polish lately. I know I know, I already told ya'll but I've just been painting my nails a lot. Hubby picked out my last nails and the ones I just did today. He even picked out the colors today. He says to me, its summer you should paint your nails each a different funky color and I was like yea babe that's a great idea I'll go look.. then I forgot and about 20 minutes later he comes to me with 6 colors and says he couldn't pick between the greens, and he even brought a glitter and was like I didn't know if you wanted glitter and I was like WELL BABE THEY WOULDN'T BE MY NAILS IF THEY DIDN'T HAVE GLITTER ON THEM! ( not screaming just in a laughing tone ). I found out some really super awesome news too. The Kleancolor nail polish brand that I said i seriously loved and was THE BEST GLITTER NAIL POLISH I EVER USED?!?! Well, They don't test on animals!! Winning. I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT BECAUSE I SERIOUSLY WANT LIKE EVERY SINGLE COLOR, NOT EVEN JUST THE GLITTER! lolol sorry for the caps, you just really need to know how much I love this glitter!

Thank you so much for visiting